You can enjoy long-term savings with Honeycomb blinds!

When it comes to window treatments, Honeycomb Blinds are the “cleverly simple” option. They are the most energy-efficient blinds on the market and may moderate seasonal temperature swings by either making your home warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer.

The innovative cellular design and cutting-edge materials used in our Honeycomb Blinds combine to form an insulating layer that can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs, keeping a room comfortably warm. You can draw parallels to double-paned windows using this.

Using Energy Efficiently

Power bills will shortly reflect the more than 100% increase in wholesale electricity costs over the previous year. More than ever, it’s crucial that you get your house in order for the coming winter months in order to lessen the impact of potential future spikes in power costs.

Installing Honeycomb Blinds in your home will prevent heat loss during the colder months and undesirable solar heat gain during the warmer months, making your home more pleasant to spend time in all year round. They cut down on the amount of power needed to heat or cool your home, which will be a welcome surprise on your next monthly electricity bill.

Our Honeycomb Blinds limit the loss or gain of conditioned air through windows and sliding glass doors, as depicted in this diagram.   (Use Honeycomb diagram IMAGE)

Keeping Air Inside the Cells of Honeycomb Blinds.

See how effective our Honeycomb Blinds are in regulating the temperature of your home year-round with the next diagram. The blind insulates your home in the winter by keeping warm air in and cold air out, and in the summer it insulates your home by keeping the outside heat out and the interior cool.

Your home will be more comfortable year-round with the help of these Honeycomb Blinds from  Tasman Blinds. The most energy efficient of our products are Blockout and Double-cell Honeycomb textiles.

About 40 % of the average electricity bill usually goes toward running the air conditioner in the summer and the heater in the winter.

Energy loss due to heat transfer through windows and glass doors is rather considerable and can significantly diminish the efficiency with which you heat and cool your house or place of business. This can have a major effect on how you feel and how much it will cost you.

Up to 40% of your home’s heated air can escape via the windows in the winter.

Exposed glass windows and doors can let in as much as 87% of a building’s total summertime heat gain.

Uncovered windows can allow up to 100 times more heat to enter a room in the summer than an adjacent uninsulated wall. 

These numbers, published by the New Zealand Government’s Department of Environment and Energy, illustrate the significance of properly insulating your windows and glass doors in the face of steadily increasing energy prices.

By protecting your home by installing Honeycomb Blinds from Tasman Blinds all year round, you can save as much as 34% on your annual energy costs.

Why Choose Honeycomb Blinds?

Here are four explanations for why Honeycomb Blinds should be your next window treatment purchase from Tasman Blinds.

Energy Efficient-

Honeycomb Blinds are the ‘cleverly simple’ approach to dressing your windows in an energy-efficient manner. To be more precise, they are the most energy-efficient blinds available and may moderate seasonal temperature swings by either making your home warmer in winter or cooler in summer.

The superior insulating properties of Honeycomb Blinds are the result of their innovative cellular design and cutting-edge materials.

Absorption of Noise-

In addition, Honeycomb blinds are effective in reducing outside noise. Honeycomb Blinds are effective sound barriers since the fabric cells absorb sound from all directions.

As a result of the outstanding sound absorption of their cells, Honeycomb Blinds are an excellent choice for houses with hard floors, families with young children, and in media rooms. You can further improve a room’s ability to muffle outside noise by installing Honeycomb Blinds made of double-cell, blockout cloth.

If you’re looking for better thermal and acoustic insulation, look no further than our 45mm double-cell Honeycomb Blind from Tasman Blinds..

Safe for Kids-

Since Honeycomb Blinds are 100% cordless,they are a great choice for homes with children and pets, as they eliminate the potential for dangerous entanglement.

Made To Last And Look Great-

Honeycomb Blinds are among the most aesthetically pleasing products available since they are crafted from the highest quality materials without the usual billowing, creeping, or drooping problems other blinds may face.

If you’re having trouble settling on a colour scheme, our friendly team at Tasman Blinds will help to choose the perfect style/colour for you.

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