It’s easy to feel confused by all the options available to you while shopping for blinds; deciding between imitation wood PVC blinds and Real Wood blinds, for example, is just one example. Before buying and installing blinds that may last you a decade or more, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option carefully. With this comprehensive guide, you can confidently choose the best wooden blinds for your home and budget.

Firstly, Which Room Are They Intended For?

The primary factor in picking between Real Wood blinds and imitation wooden blinds is the number of rooms that will be receiving new window coverings. It’s significant because, contrary to what most major corporations would have you believe, blinds don’t come in a single universal size that will work for everyone.

Faux wood blinds are great for any room in the house, but they really shine in the kitchen. Faux wood blinds are the greatest choice for a kitchen since they won’t warp as Real Wood blinds would in a damp room like a bathroom or a sauna.

Real wood blinds add a lot of cosiness to the living room or dining room. Blinds made from Real Wood can bring warmth and charm to these rooms whilst also setting a sophisticated tone.

To avoid damage from moisture and humidity, imitation wood blinds are your best bet in the bathroom or laundry room. If not, the cost of replacing your actual wood ones repeatedly over time will add up.

Wooden blinds are another good choice for the bedroom, which is where we spend most of our free time, because they add a sense of class that is always appreciated. To protect your bedroom windows from the intense sunshine that comes in around sunrise and sunset, faux timber blinds are a good option if they face the East or West.

Secondly, How Much Money Do You Have To Spend?

A new window treatment installation is not something you do frequently. Investing in high-quality blinds means you won’t have to replace them as often. However, it is crucial to establish a spending plan before making any purchases and to adhere to it religiously.

Real wood blinds are more expensive than Faux Wood blinds, especially if you need to cover a large area of windows all at once. The first step is to count the number of windows that need coverings. How many of them should be made of imitation wood to protect against the sun and heat? If you know how many blinds you still need, you may prioritise your spending, perhaps reserving the Real Wood blinds for high-traffic areas like the living room and guest bedroom.

Thirdly, What Will Fit With Your Decorating Scheme?

When purchasing new blinds, consider how they will complement the existing design of each space. Blinds are no longer limited to the standard beige and white colours. Modern blinds, with their eye-popping colour palettes and eye-catching textures, have the capacity to completely transform a place.

Real wood blinds don’t have nearly as many unique texture and colour options as their Faux Wood counterparts. A material like this could be just what you need to give a space that extra something special. They have a variety of interesting colour schemes and are otherwise a  thoroughly up-to-date and fashionable option.

Deep stains and treatments on Real Wood blinds can give rooms a vintage air. They look beautiful on windows and are great for unifying rooms with a classical design aesthetic. However, there is a finite number of wood stains from which to choose, limiting your colour palette. If you have additional wooden furniture in the room, such as a dining table or bookcases, then Real Wood blinds are a logical choice.

Which One Will Have a Longer Shelf Life?

Choosing new blinds? Make sure they last a long time. Are you moving into a rented property, a newly purchased starter house, or a new home with your family? Keep these things in mind while you shop for and set up your blinds.

Faux wooden blinds are a great option if you’re decorating a home or apartment that you won’t be living in for very long. Since they are more cost-effective, you won’t feel as bad about buying them if you end up having to relocate.

Blinds that can last for many years are a great investment when redecorating a family home. Wooden blinds, either real or imitation, may work here. Faux wood blinds can withstand high temperatures and humidity with ease. Real wood blinds, on the other hand, are an investment that, with proper maintenance, can last for decades. It could make more sense to utilise them as house decor if you are willing to take the time to store and clean them. Both of these items often come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Which Ones Are Easiest to Clean?

In case you hadn’t noticed, your window coverings could be harbouring all sorts of germs and bacteria. Cleaning your blinds and blinds on a regular basis will keep them free of dust, grime, and bacteria that could potentially spread to your family. When deciding on blinds for your windows, consider how simple maintenance will be.

One of the main differences between Faux Wood blinds and Real Wood blinds is the rate at which they accumulate dust and filth, and the consequent frequency with which they must be cleaned.

The vacuum cleaner can be used on both types of blinds, but genuine wood blinds require special care when using the soft brush attachment to avoid scratching and denting the slats (Faux Wooden blinds are typically scratch-resistant).

You may clean both types of blinds with warm water, soap, and a rag, but you must dry the Real Wood blinds properly afterward to prevent moisture damage.

Which Type Of Windows Are Recommended?

You should know by now that you need to know the orientation of your windows before selecting a treatment. But the size of your windows is also an important factor to think about. The long, lightweight slats required for larger windows are a perfect fit for Real Wood blinds, which are surprisingly lightweight. If you have children or pets who like to run about, you may prefer blinds that are lighter because there will be fewer cables and ladder strings to trip them up.

The bottom line is that either real or imitation wooden blinds will look great in your windows. If you want your windows to look great all the time, you should always pick a high-quality product made by a dependable manufacturer like Tasman Blinds.

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