The living room is one of the main essential gathering spaces in the home. Due to the high volume of time spent there, it’s crucial that the window treatments you install provide the optimal level of privacy, light control, and aesthetic appeal. Distinct types of living rooms have different requirements. Media rooms, formal living spaces, and family rooms are all examples of different kinds of living rooms. See below for a breakdown of the many window treatment options for the family room and which ones are best suited for those settings.

Those Nifty Roller Blinds-

The Roller Blind is a staple in New Zealand homes because of how easily it can be customised to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences. For their versatility and customised maintenance requirements, Roller Blinds are a fantastic choice for window coverings in the family room.

The Roller Blind is cut with slits on both sides, so some light can penetrate the cloth. Selecting blockout fabric with a cassette and side channels will help to totally block out sunlight during the day, making them an ideal choice for media rooms where total darkness is required.

Honeycomb Blinds (Also Called Cellular Blinds)-

When drawn, these create an effective barrier between the indoors and outdoors. Their one-of-a-kind cellular structure acts like double-paned windows by enclosing air within its cells to provide an insulating layer.

The Honeycomb Blind provides superior insulation, but that’s not all it can do. They come in a wide variety of models meaning that you can easily find one that works with your door or window. Honeycomb Blinds are an excellent method to keep your privacy without sacrificing the natural light streaming into your living space, and they work well with double-hung windows, French doors, sliding doors, and normal slider windows.

Use Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds to keep out prying eyes while letting in light, or Day and Night Honeycomb Blinds to keep out light completely at night while still allowing for a clear view during the day.

Roman Blinds-

Incorporating Roman Blinds into the living area will immediately make a noticeable design statement. This aesthetic of elegance and refinement can complement either a contemporary or traditional living room. One of the best ways to keep the light and prying eyes at bay while maintaining your privacy is with a Roman blind lined with a block-out material. To adjust the level of illumination, just raise or lower the blind from its bottom-up mount.

Venetian Blinds-

Because of the many different paint and stain possibilities for Timber and Timber Look Venetians, as well as the many different colour options for Aluminium. Venetian Blinds are a fantastic choice for any living space. Venetian blinds are a classic window treatment for the living room, and there’s a design option available to complement virtually any aesthetic.

The Venetian Blind’s slats can be tilted to your desired angle, allowing you to choose the amount of light coming in and the level of privacy that you require. In a living area, where varying degrees of light and seclusion are required at different times of day, Venetian Blinds are a great choice due to their straightforward functionality.

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