Get all the benefits of two blinds in one with the contemporary design of Illusion blinds.
Illusion blinds are an innovative and stylish window treatment with the feel of a curtain but with the functionality and visual appeal of a sheer blind.
Illusion blinds are the ideal addition to any room, bringing elegance and style to every space. The light-filtering properties of the sheer fabric give you control over the amount of sunlight that enters your room while keeping it looking bright and fresh.
Room darkening opaque vanes provide privacy when needed as the blinds easily transition from sheer to opaque with the twist of a wand or push of a button.

At Tasman Blinds we are all about enhancing the beauty of your space, and our Illusion blinds can make a huge impact. Their light filtering properties provide privacy while preserving light, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful view from your window or patio door throughout the day.

Illusion blinds are constructed from a series of individual vanes, each attaching separately to the headrail, making them perfect for large windows, patios or bi-fold doors.
They provide easy access to the outdoors as you can walk through any section of the blinds without having to open them. They are completely silent and don’t flap around even in the wind.
Choose from motorised, mobile or voice-activated blinds with options to stack left, right or side by side.
Illusion blinds are available in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns, to create the perfect accent for your décor.

How to Clean

Illusion blinds are super easy to clean by simply brushing with your duster.
The fabrics are completely washable and each vane can be taken down and washed or replaced as needed.

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