Timber-Look Venetian Blinds

For those of you who love the look of natural Timber, although they may appear to be Timber Venetian blinds, our Timber-look Venetian blinds are made from a hard-wearing PVC that looks the same as raw wood, Timber-look Venetian blinds, are more durable and resistant to all moisture, such as splashes, steam or even humidity. Because of this, they are perfect for laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Timber-look Venetian blinds are functional and practical while easy to use. They have a child-safe cord that easily twists to open and tilt the slats horizontally to give you privacy or block the glare from the sun. Their angle is easily adjusted during the day when the sun changes direction.

As they are stylish and durable, Timber-look Venetian blinds will be a welcome addition to any home.

How to Clean

All of our Venetian blinds need very little maintenance. Simply wipe with a wet cloth or if they are getting a bit dusty, lay them flat and vacuum using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

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