Timber Venetian Blinds

As wood is a natural insulator one of the best reasons to choose Timber Venetian blinds is that less heat will escape in winter and less heat will come into your home during summer. This is because when the slats are shut the timber creates a natural barrier between the room’s interior and the window. Timber blinds are also noise-reducing.

Our Timber Venetian blinds are made from Basswood from the Tilia family. As a hardwood, it’s quite soft but is also light with good dimensional stability. It’s fine texture creates an appealing, smooth, uniform finish. They are also more dent and scratch resistant than other wooden blinds, making them perfect for families.
Adding Basswood Venetian blinds to your home creates a calming and relaxing place, perfect for most interior rooms. While still functional, it’s a nice way to bring the natural beauty from the outdoors into your home with the warm look and feel of wood.
Basswood Venetian blinds are just as durable as Aluminium blinds as they are resistant to warping. They also do not bleed resin into the finish as a softwood would, prolonging the lifespan of your blinds.

How to Clean

All of our Venetian blinds need very little maintenance. Simply wipe with a wet cloth or if they are getting a bit dusty, lay them flat and vacuum using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

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