Zebra Blinds

Create a comfortable and elegant interior with our Zebra Blinds.
Zebra blinds, Vision blinds or Day/Night blinds are a Roller blind and a Venetian blind combined. Offering the best of both worlds while providing soft, diffused light into your
home or office.
Our Zebra blinds are custom-made to fit your window and complement your decor. The innovative design ensures that they are both practical and on-trend. Personalise your home without compromising on light or privacy.
These modern blinds feature a combination of alternating parallel layers (sheer and opaque), which work in unison to gently filter light, or block it out completely. Offering you plenty of privacy while still being able to enjoy the sunshine.
Zebra blinds are easy to operate with a chain or at the touch of a button with our smooth motorised system. As you roll the blind down, alternating strips of fabric slide against one another to switch between a block of colour and a stylish set of stripes.
When you want to enjoy a full view, the blind will disappear completely into a pleasing cassette headrail.
Zebra blinds will add a touch of class and sophistication to your home that everyone will notice. Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement, or keep it classic with neutrals, our range of colours and textures makes it easy to express your individual style.

How to Clean

Gently vacuum the blind’s flat fabric with your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, while using your hand to support the blind from behind. Make sure to only use the brush attachment as strong suction could crumple the fabric of your blinds and ruin them.
For stains, wipe gently with a soft cloth, a very small amount of mild detergent (you don’t want soapy blinds) and warm water.

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